Topics: Network switch, Ethernet, Broadcast domain Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: March 6, 2013
* Why are switches needed in a network?
* Why are routers needed in a network?
* Explain the difference between a collision domain, a broadcast domain, and network segmentation. * Describe one method for segmenting collision domains and one method for segmenting broadcast domains, including explaining what equipment would be needed and how it would be configured. A switch is a hardware device that manages the sharing of multiple computers or multiple networks on the same connection. The switch is very important to a network because it functions as a management system within the network. It directs packets to the correct location or destination. The network switch actually creates the network. A router differs in every way from a switch . A router is a hardware device that provides a connection between networks. The routers are very important in a network because it keeps data flowing between two or more networks and keep them connected to the internet. A collision domain is also known as an Ethernet domain. It is a group of Ethernet or fast Ethernet devices that are connected to repeaters. In this domain, only one device may transmit at one time. When one device is transmitting or talking the other devices are listening. It guarantees that only one device is talking at any given time. A broadcast domain are located within a network or a multiple network segment. It provides high-level communication and reliability through a wired Ethernet connection. This type of domain provides services to offices in different location. Network segmentation is a process of separating networks that contains sensitive or important information from those that do not. During this process the security of the network can be placed on the areas that matters the most. This is a way that only approved employees have access to certain areas and information. One method that is used to segment collision domains is to use OSI Layer 1,2, or 3 devices. These devices are...
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