Networking Topography

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In the world of telecommunication systems various set ups that can optimize the efficiency and productivity of a company’s network and operating system; these setups are called topologies. For the purposes of this discussion, the author will cover the following types of topologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each; these are mesh, bus, ring, and star topologies. The differences in Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI and wireless will be addressed. Another topic that will be covered is what level of the OSI model does the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) function. Hopefully, at the end of this discussion the reader will have a better insight into the benefits that the proper topology can have on a corporation’s network.

Mesh –
A mesh topology network allows for extreme redundancy and reliability. This type of topology connects all the computers in the network to each other with individual cabling. This way if one cable falters the others can pick up the traffic of the down cable without making the network hiccup. The main advantages to having a mesh topology are the reliability factor and the independence that it affords the PCs to operate within the network. However, the big disadvantage of the mesh network is the cost and time to install the network because of all the wiring involved.

Bus –
Bus topology, (aka – linear bus) is the most elementary and common method of networking computers. It allows for the computers to be connected to the network on a single cable called a trunk or backbone. Some of the advantages to having a bus network are the ease of installation and future upgrades to the network. This setup works best in an environment where the network is small and high bandwidths are not required. The use of a single cable keeps the cost of this topology extremely low. The disadvantages to this topology are that if a...
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