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Topics: IP address, Subnetwork, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: June 24, 2013
II. Central University Suppose you are the network manager for Central University, a medium-size university with 13,000 students. The university has 10 separate colleges (e.g., business, arts, journalism), 3 of which are relatively large (300 faculty and staff members, 2,000 students, and 3 buildings) and 7 of which are relatively small (200 faculty and staff, 1,000 students, and 1 building). In addition, there are another 2,000 staff members who work in various administration departments (e.g., library, maintenance, finance) spread over another 10 buildings. There are 4 residence halls that house a total of 2,000 students. Suppose the university has the address range on the Internet. How would you assign the IP addresses to the various subnets? How would you control the process by which IP addresses are assigned to individual computers? You will have to make some assumptions to answer both questions, so be sure to state your assumptions. The best way to address the following issue is to first identify the network requirement for Central University. The establishment of the solution must consider the various buildings, and departments as well as future growth expectation. When establishing a large network between buildings and departments, it is essential for the network manager to identify what parts of the network are available, requiring upgrades, and or facilitates space for additional equipments. The first assumption is that every building has sufficient routers, switches, and network fabric to handle the traffic on this scale. Acquiring subnets for privacy to keep frivolous student traffic off their subnets along with maintaining the faculty and staff on separate subnets for privacy. These subnet breakdowns will not be sufficient enough. Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol servers to assign individual IPs and alleviate the issue of having to assign static IPs to people will be the right choice for securing, and facilitating the...
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