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Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____1.The value of layers in the OSI reference model is that it divides networking into a series of tasks, and then illustrates how those tasks relate to each other.

____2.When transmitting with FHSS, if interference is encountered on a particular frequency then that part of the signal will be retransmitted on the previous frequency of the hopping code.

____3.Increasing the speed of the WLAN will cause shorter delays in waiting for reflections.

____4.Because wireless technology has advanced at such a rapid pace, the earliest WLANs are now essentially obsolete.

____5.Of the 52 subchannels, 32 are used for standard transmissions and 20 are used for FEC transmissions.

____6.When an ESS is installed it is desirable to configure the areas of coverage much like cells in a cellular telephone system.

____7.The first major function of the MAC layer involves defining procedures for a wireless device to discover the WLAN.

____8.Wireless authentication involves a user logging on to the access point.

____9.CSMA/CA eliminates the possibility of collisions.

____10.A home agent is a forwarding mechanism that keeps track of where the mobile computer is located.

____11.Wireless access to network resources can improve the quality and productivity of meetings.

____12.Early adopters of wireless LANs were sometimes called “racehorses”.

____13.Several vendors are working on comprehensive network management solutions that integrate wireless networks into the same deployment, operations, and management as a wired network.

____14.When considering the number of users who will be associated with an access point, it is only necessary to count the number of users, not the type of work they do.

____15.Establishing and staffing an internal help desk is one of the most effective means of support.

____16.It is important to evaluate the placement of the access points and antennas throughout the proposed site in order to meet the design goals.

____17.The most common type of antenna for a WLAN is an semi-directional antenna, also known as a dipole antenna.

____18.A drawback of spectrum analyzers is that the information is displayed in graphical form and not as raw data.

____19.The industry-standard form for site survey documentation is IEEE 802.11D.

____20.The first step in collecting RF information is to position the access point in what may appear to be the most logical location.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____21.What is the top layer of the OSI reference model? a.| application| c.| physical|
b.| presentation| d.| transport|

____22.Which layer of the OSI reference model permits the devices on the network to hold ongoing communications across the network? a.| presentation| c.| transport|
b.| session| d.| network|

____23.____ signals by nature transmit on only one frequency or a very narrow portion of the frequencies. a.| Broadband| c.| Radio|
b.| Computer| d.| Heat|

____24.What is a disadvantage of narrowband transmissions? a.| requires a complicated algorithm| c.| expensive to implement| b.| not well regulated| d.| interference from another radio signal|

____25.When was the concept used by FHSS technology developed? a.| during World War I| c.| in the 1960s|
b.| during World War II| d.| in the 1980s|

____26.In FHSS, the amount of time needed to move from one frequency to another is the ____ time. a.| dwell| c.| lift|
b.| switch| d.| hop|

____27.According to FCC regulations, all FHSS systems in the 900 MHz band must change frequencies through 50 channels and cannot spend more than ____ on one frequency each 20 seconds. a.|...
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