Network Types and Topologies

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Jason Laborin

Unit 2 Lab 2.3 Network Types and Topologies

Exercise 2.3.2
PAN: Personal Area Network is a new type of network that describes two or more devices that are located on your person and normally connect to one another via Bluetooth. LAN: Local Area Network created by a group of devices in close proximity to one another and are normally located inside the same building or structure

MAN: Metropolitan Area Network high speed private networks which are created by one or more dedicated point to point links between multiple locations WAN: Wide Area Network connects two or more LANs that can be located large distances from one another, even across the globe.

Exercise 2.2.3
Network topologies are often defined as the logical organization of the interconnected devices.

Exercise 2.3.4
It would take one messages to get from A to D, and it would take the same to send from D to A. and the added wouldn’t have no initial effect on the network.

Exercise 2.3.5
From A to B it would take two message. The central hub would take two messages to get from A to B, when using the switch it would take one message from A to B. there would be very little effect when adding a node between C and D because it is connected to a central devices like A and B.

Exercise 2.3.6
It would only take one instant message from straight from A to D, and the same for A to B, and
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