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NOV 14TH 2014

Computer network
Different types of topology
Mesh topology
Star topology
Tree topology
Bus topology
Ring topology
Case study
Problems with the network

A computer network or data network is an information transfers arrange that permits machines to trade information. In computer networks, organized registering gadgets pass information to one another along information associations. Information is moved as bundles. The associations (system joins) between hubs are secured utilizing either link media or remote media. The best-known computer network is the Internet.

Network computer gadgets that start, course and end the information are called system nodes. Nodes can incorporate has, for example, telephones, servers and systems administration fittings. Two such gadgets are said to be organized together when one gadget has the capacity trade data with the other gadget, whether they have an immediate association with one another.

Network computer varies in the physical media used to transmit their signs, the interchanges conventions to sort out system activity, the system 's size, topology and authoritative expectation. As a rule, interchanges conventions are layered on (i.e. work utilizing) other more particular or more general correspondences conventions, aside from the physical layer that straightforwardly manages the physical media.
It is defined as the interconnection of two or more computers. It is done to enable the computers to communicate and share available resources.

TOPOLOGY: In communication networks, a topology is a normally schematic depiction of the plan of a system, including its hubs and associating lines. There are two methods for characterizing system geometry: the physical topology and the coherent (or sign) topology.
1. Mesh topology: Mesh topology has a dedicated point-to-point link of devices.
2. A star topology has a dedicated point-to-point link only to a central controller called hub.
3. A tree topology is also linked to a central hub that controls the traffic to the network.
4. A bus topology is a multipoint topology. One long cable acts as a backbone to link all the devices in the network.
5. A ring topology has a dedicated point-to-point line configuration only with the two devices on either side of it.
Kotak Mahindra Bank is the fourth biggest Indian private division bank by business underwriting, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Bank 's enlisted office (headquarter) is spotted at 27bkc, BandraKurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
In February 2003, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, the bunch 's lead organization was given the permit to bear on saving money business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. is the first organization in the Indian keeping money history to change over to a bank.
As on June 30, 2014, Kotak Mahindra Bank has in excess of 600 limbs and in excess of 1,100 Atms spread over 354 areas in the nation.

Information can be easily distributed.
As there is no firewall then the entire system or network is damaged.
Increase of new virus.
Personal and company data can be miss-used.
Data connections may be sent to random port numbers.

The organization was established in 2000 when organizers FarnamJahanian and Rob Malan spun out exploration from the University of Michigan. They were joined by understudies Jonathan Arnold, Matthew Smart, and Jonathan Poland to make the establishing group. The organization brought $11 million up in a round of funding. Later, in August 2002, the organization brought an alternate $22 million up in a second round of funding, headed by Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, with members that included Battery Ventures and Cisco Systems, among others. In January 2008, Arbor procured Ellacoya Networks, an organization which gives broadband activity forming items. The procurement was required to build the aggregate addressable business (TAM) for Arbor to $750 million in 2008, and to $1.5 billion before the end of 2009.[6] In March 2009, Arbor worked with 100 Isps to make another system checking framework, called ATLAS 2.0. In October 2009, the organization evaluated that Google paid very nearly nothing for YouTube data transfer capacity, noting that Google most likely utilized dim fiber rather to run the website.

What policy can be used?
1. Information policy: This policy is the situated of all open laws, regulations and approaches that empower, debilitate, or control the creation, use, stockpiling, access, and correspondence and spread of information. It therefore envelops whatever other choice making practice with expansive constitutive deliberations that include the stream of data and how it is processed. There are a few major issues that include data approach. Most conspicuous are open strategy issues concerned with the utilization of data for democratization and commercialization of social life. These issues incorporate, entomb alia, advanced environment, for example, protected innovation, financial regulations, opportunity of declaration, privacy or protection of data, data security, access administration, and controlling how the dispersal of open data happens.
2. Security policy: Security arrangement is a meaning of what it intends to be secure for a framework, association or other element. For an association, it addresses the demands on conduct of its parts and also obligations forced on foes by instruments, for example, entryways, bolts, keys and dividers. For frameworks, the security approach addresses demands on capacities and stream among them, stipulations on access by outside frameworks and enemies including projects and access to information by individuals.
3. Computer use policy: computer use policy is important in above network diagram because every company will have their own privacy and security issues about their data. Because sometimes employees may use unlicensed software which may lead to hack. So because of this type of situations there may be possibility of computer and network misuse.
4. Internet use policy: The Internet Usage Policy is an essential record that must be marked by all representatives after beginning work. The following is a Sample Internet Usage Policy that covers the fundamental purposes of controversy managing Internet and machine use. The strategy can then be customized to the prerequisites of the particular association.

Conclusion : My paper explains completely about different types of topologies that are useful for any network diagram to build in a proper way. From the above case study it shows that there is no proper network structure and there is no firewall also. With the help of Arbor Company they came out of this situation. They had introduced new software to overcome traffic problems. So for every company they need certain policies to be successful.

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