Network Security Fundamental

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Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
As a videogame development company, the network currently set is a sound system. However, security concerns are always present in an ever-changing technology. With 100 desktop / laptop computers connected to one server the potential threats and malicious attacks are a possibility. This report will analyze, identified and assess the potential impact of all vulnerabilities and malicious attacks and threats associated with the network.

A threat is any action that could result in damage to the company’s asset, in this case, the network. For network computer threats can be malicious codes, viruses and unauthorized access. For a threat to materialize there must be vulnerabilities within network. Vulnerability is a weakness in the network system that can be exploit (Kim & Solomon, 2012). The first vulnerability is the email server. Our videogame company has a large list of customers, suppliers and employees. There are thousands of emails transmitted and received daily. This is vulnerable to phishing attack. Phishing attack is where the cyber attackers send email pretend to someone familiar to the receiver and tricked the user into taking an action. It can be clicking on a link or opening an attachment. These tricksters gathered information such as password and user name to get in the network. They can also infect the system with malicious link or malicious attachments to slow down or crash the system (Wyman, Scrivens, Hoffman, & Spitzner, 2013). In most cases the attacks are aiming at the individual’s personal information. However if the malicious attachments have virus or spyware the impact to the network can be major. The system may crash or the virus will wipe out all the customers and suppliers information. Network wise, we could be facing the three types of threats: Denial or Destruction,...

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