Network Security

Topics: Project management, Input device, Flowchart Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: August 13, 2013

Written Assessment : 2,000 and 3,000 words
This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes 1,2,4 and 5 as stated on Page 1. The document guidelines are as the following:
Mobile Application Project
Project Description
• What is the Application concept?
• How do you think that this application is different from the existing one in the market? • Who are your target audience?
• Discuss correlation between target audience and target device.

Project Objectives
• Why there is a need to develop this application?
• Who will benefits from this application?
• What are you trying to establish from this application?

• What platform is the application developed for? 
o Native app or web app?
o Android/iOS/Blackberry OS/Windows/Symbian?
o Target device – Mobile phone/tablets?
o Recommended device - specific mobile device brand and model, or group of models? o Cross brands and models?

Application User flowcharts
• Create a user flow chart for your Mobile application: 
Example -

Application Interface 
• Describe each interface of your application.
• Digitally depict each of the interfaces.

Control Description
• What sort of input device is able to be used for the application? How is the user actions mapped to the input device? 

Overall Project Timeline
• Plan your project within 12 weeks duration. You can use Gantt chart or table to show your plans.

Please use appropriate referencing style.

Submission: Document file (.doc / docx ) through Moodle site. 

Marking criteria:
The assessment criteria for this assignment are presented in the following table. Penalties will be applied for late submission, viruses, and failing to comply with the assignment’s requirements

Criteria Mark

Application Description / Concept 7
Outcomes/Deliverables 7
Application user Flow-charts 7
Application Interface Mockup and Control Descriptions 7...
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