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Topics: Virtual private network, Router, Computer network Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: September 8, 2011
The proposed network is designed to serve The Banana Tree Travel Agency and remote site office. The proposed office located in Cairo, Egypt will have two employees to better serve their international customers. The second site will have a 12 port patch panel, a 12 port Cisco switch, a Cisco router, and a Cisco ASA. The building adjacent to the main office, which is part of the same domain/network, will house 10 to 15 more travel agents. I will set up a file server so all users can have access to a public share drive, where all users will have access to the same drive. The basis of the WAN standardized infrastructure will be to utilize a 1 GB Ethernet connected to Cisco Unified CME Routers that utilizes T-1 connections in U.S. locations and an E1 line in Egypt to outside networks. This difference is necessary because "different digital carrier technology" is used overseas. Standardization will also be implemented throughout the organization for all operating systems. The PC based workstations will be HP Z400 Workstation computers .The printers in Miami will be 4 HL-4150CDN Color Laser Printers and 1 HL-4150CDN Color Laser Printer will also be added to the Cairo location. Furthermore, users will have a personal network drive, where they will keep their personal files. So in total, users will have a public, and a personal network drive, which will be part of their logon, and regardless of what computer they logon, the drives will follow. I will be establishing a branch office tunnel to connect the Miami and Cairo locations. You also want to look into placing a DC (2003 server) in the main office and make sure that DC is also a GC (Global Catalog Server) and a DNS. That way, users can authenticate to the domain locally. This will cut down on your traffic over the VPN. If needed, you can also replicate some company folders overnight to that DC. If configured right, you can bridge the traffic directly into your LAN, bypassing the ISA. That way your users can...
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