Network Design Report

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You and your fellow team members are employees of a consulting firm called “Network Solutions”. Your firm’s responsibilities include determining the following:

• What type of network would best suit each particular customer (e.g., peer-to-peer or client/server)? • Does the customer need a LAN and/or a WAN?
• What type of network topology will best suit the customer? • Which cabling media will meet the customer’s needs now and in the near future? • Brands of hardware and software needed by the customer and translating that information into the number of servers, workstations, and licenses that will serve your customer’s business network and wholly support their business.

As a network administrator assigned to this team, you are being sent to the site of a new business named, Retail/Wholesale Sales, located in Atlanta, Georgia. The business sells various retail merchandise. The business sells to both retail and wholesale customers, so on any given day they have customers who just walk in off the street as well as buyers purchasing merchandise for numerous stores. They want to be involved in Internet sales as well now, so their network will need to have Internet connectivity. They also want to have their own corporate e-mail server.

Their facility in Atlanta, Georgia is a 2-story building with a full basement that will use the first floor for retail and the second floor for management and other non-retail staff such as a call center for personnel receiving calls from Internet and catalog customers. The basement will be for warehousing inventory. They really don’t have a dedicated server room just yet, only an area in the basement where their current phone system and small Internet connection comes into the building, the “Demarc” is behind the stairs. There are stairs connecting each of the 3 floors on the west side of the building. Retail parking is in the front, while staff parking is in the back, thereby allowing each to easily access the building.

Your engineering responsibility is to design a fully switched network. You are to detail the necessary costs involved for all aspects of this project to include all drops, runs, and equipment. To price your network solution, your engineering SOW (statement of work) and drawings will consist of the physical layout, network operating systems, application software, TCP/IP architecture, servers, switches, routers (network infrastructure), and all workstations and printers (user devices). Be sure to include productivity software, client operating systems, specific software for the various departments such as anti-virus software, and uninterruptible power supplies. Your design should allow for a 10% future growth in the number of employees on the network. (Keep this in mind that when researching switches—ensure there are enough ports!).

YOUR DELIVERABLES WILL NOT INCLUDE the POS: “Point-of-sale” software or hardware because it is too specialized, and won’t be covered in this project.

Retail/Wholesale Sales will employ 86 people. Their roles break down as follows:



Your Team’s Skills and Deliverables:
Documentation 60%
PowerPoint Presentation Slides 30%
Teamwork 10%

NOTE: The “Teamwork” grade will be determined by evaluating each team member’s participation in the project.

Project Components:

1. Introductory letter and written SOW explaining what will be done and when. This is a formal document requiring the printed name of every team member and a signatory line for each team member: signed upon delivery to your instructor.

2. Microsoft® Word, and Visio drawings detailing the following: o Architecture, network components (hardware and software), protocols use and sub-netting assignments: all vital details o Cost analysis

o Building layout with wiring and hardware locations
o Network access by subnet, VLAN, department, securities...
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