Network Connectivity: Discussion Points

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Discussion Posts Unit 4 Topic 1

I think the show running-config (sh run) would be a great way to verify network connectivity.  The command will show the configuration of the router and how each interface is configured and setup.  This command will show the IP address if configured on each interface and if the interface is shutdown or running.  A show interface and the interface module and port will show the hardware address, logical address, and encapsulation methos as well as stats on collisions. This would show me what I have connected on the port, speed of the connection and also the ip address and subnet the interface is a part of.

 In order to verify network connectivity of the newly installed routers and switches I would use the ping command. This command can be used in both user exec mode and privileged exec mode. The ping command will send an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo message out, and when another station receives this message an echo message is returned to the sender, thus verifying network connectivity. You can also use ping to test the other routers by sending the ping command to a specific IP address.           Traceroute can also be used to verify network connectivity. Traceroute also uses ICMP with IP TTL (Time To Live) to track a packets path through the network. Telnet, FTP, and HTTP can all be used to verify network connectivity as well.             Given that all the routers and switches have been configured prior to installation, and we have now verified internetwork connectivity with the above commands I’m not really sure what else that would need to be checked unless there were issues when performing the above commands. If there were issues then the configuration of the devices in question would need to be verified and corrected if needed. To verify the configuration of the devices you can use the show running-config (sh run for short) or show startup-config from privileged mode.

After configuration of the routers...
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