Network Configuration Case

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Project Introduction/executive summary

In today’s world, most companies rely on technology to keep their business running smoothly. Due to the dynamic nature of these technologies, many businesses simply cannot keep up. Moose Whitewater Kayak has acquired our services to analyze, design, and implement a system to fit their needs. This is the basis of our project. Our main objective is to design a technology package for Moose Whitewater Kayak which includes the network systems, infrastructure, information security and technological systems. Our project also includes feasibility study, systems analysis, budget and policies for Moose Whitewater Kayak’s proposed technology package.

Organization and key members
The name of our organization is Fighting Panda’s Network Group. Our group is comprised of 5 individuals. Alexander Stuart is our project manager, he specializes in network mapping. Austin Stanton is our technology package specialist. Kristofer Hitchcock is our systems analysis supervisor. Sameer Shadukhi is our resident feasibility study specialist and Eric Worthington, who specializes in policies and procedures.

Project Objectives
Our basic list of activities that would be handled by our team alone would include setting up a the computers and scanners for the Point of Sale system. We would also take care of the basic network layout and configuration, we are willing to do either physical or wireless or both if the need is appropriate.

After our preliminary work is complete, we would move on to several activities or projects that would involve the other teams. Our basic list of planned activities would look like the following: •Collaborative Activities

oSetting up a internet connection that will allow traffic through to the web server Securing
oConfiguring a front counter Point of Sale computer that will allow access to the database and/or the web server so that Employees can access rental and sale records oSetting up a PDA style scanner that will allow warehouse employees to update the database with current stock levels for equipment We would like to see this as a wireless device, this giving the employee the best mobility and flexibility possible oSetting up a printer network for various reporting and printing purposes oCollaborate with other teams on security needs whether they be physical or software based. oSetting up the datacenter to house servers, switches, and other related apparatus.

Client Organization
Moose Whitewater Kayak in Jackson Hole, Wyoming rents a variety of equipment to enable outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the diverse waters of Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Jackson Hole. Based in Jackson Hole, in the shadow of the Teton Mountains, they are specialists in the field of outdoor recreation. They have the latest model canoes, whitewater kayaks, touring kayaks, and inflatables, as well as all the necessary accessories to get their clientele on the water. Their top of the line boats and equipment are available to rent by the day or by the week.

Feasibility Study

The owner of Moose Whitewater Kayak, which is located Wilson, Wyoming assumes that his goods and services have met the satisfaction of his customers. However, because they have been always sat high goals and standards for their company, they are concerned with improving their customer service and equipment rental system by adding an Information Technology system for the company.

Moose Whitewater Kayak’s location and building features are ideal for Information Technology to offer their service because there are power and internet providers in the area. All express shipping companies are available, so technicians can order all necessary equipments needed such as routers, switches, firewall, computers, etc. Overall, involving this company with Information Technology systems will make the equipment rental system successful. – Hertz Rent-a-car | System...

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