Network Cabling

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ABC Inc. is a company on the rise. With the growth you have already experienced, as well as the prospective growth you are expecting to accrue within the coming months, you will need to continue moving towards a more robust and reliable network for your employees. It is because of this growth that you will need to choose a wiring solution suitable for those needs. There are several wiring options that are available for what your company needs. It is in this proposal, that I will cover those options for you, as well as give you my recommendation for what I believe is the best option for you and ABC Inc. Obviously as a company, you want to be cost effective in your choice for wiring. In your memo to me you expressed a desire for your employees to be able to connect at speeds of 1Gbps. With those speed requirements, that really narrows your choices down to either a fiber optic wiring solution, or wiring your business with Category 5 or Category 6 twisted pair cable. Since you stated to me that cost is a main issue in what you will ultimately make your decision on, the fiber optic solution seems to me to be the least suitable solution for your company. The wiring is the most expensive of the choices, at over $200.00 per 1000 feet (Provantage, 2012). Maintaining this type of network will also prove very costly, due to the equipment needed and you will need to have someone on staff to maintain proper light levels at all times. This is why it is my opinion that your choice boils down to either CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable for your wiring answer. You stated to me that you are looking for multiple outlets run within your company’s office space and that no outlet will exceed 150 feet. Both of the twisted pair options are rated to handle those distances, and are actually capable of exceeding that to nearly 300 feet without suffering significant attenuation loss. The price for both of these stand relatively inexpensive for your company, with the Category 5...

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