Network and Computer Systems Administrator

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Network and Computer Systems Administrator
Sage Marolf
Everest Online University

Network and Computer Systems Administrator
When I got my first computer as a young teenaged boy I knew right then that I wanted a career working in the field of computer technology. The network and computer systems administration filed has a high growth rate growth rate of 28% and an average salary of $69,160 per year and is full of many opportunities. As a Systems Administrator you need a college degree and should expect to deal with a wide range of task which will involve working with computer and electronic technology and requires critical thinking and advanced problem solving skills.

The main job for a network and computer systems administrators is to handle the everyday operation of computer equipment and computer network. They are in charge of installing setting up and support of computer systems for local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), computer hardware, systems software, applications software for data communications (Outlook Handbook, 2012). Most system administrators work directly for the company they service but some are employed by independent information technology (IT) firms. The educational requirements for a career in network and system administration is usually a bachelor’s degree but can be enter in to with an associate’s degree it. It also requires you have a working knowledge of a variety of software for network monitoring, security and administration needs. The list includes Ethereal, Quest Foglight, CiscoWorks, Hewlett-Packard Network Node Manager, and other security software (My Next Move). You will use these programs to monitor and ensure the proper operation of networks and systems for business requirements. The most important skills for working as Systems Administrator are critical thinking, complex problem solving, reading comprehension, systems analysis, systems evaluation and systems monitoring...

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