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1. What are the advantages of networking computers together? There are two advantages to networking computers: access to information, and access to equipment. 2. Identify one disadvantage of networking computers together. The disadvantages of networking computers are hacking and pirating in the networks is very easy and it can lead to information damage or robbery and also if one compute is affected by a virus it can spread to the other easily.  3. What technology allows computer networks without wires?

Wireless networking allows computer networks without wires.
4. Describe the difference between a LAN and a WAN.
LAN is local area network, it consists of a group of networked computers that all located in one building. But WLAN is wide area network, it is a group of networked computers located in a variety of locations in a large geographic area. So WLAN is a larger network system. 5. Name and describe two ways that computers communication with one another The first way is a client/server network. All computers connect to one server with switches. And the server is powerful computer, the user of one computer can send documents to another computer with the server. The second way is the peer-to-peer network. It doesn’t have a server, every individual node act as clients and servers, and they connect to each other with the switch. 6. Name the two main network topologies

Bus topology and star topology
7. Sketch the arrangement of the two network topologies. Explain how each works Bus topology use cables to connect all the computers, and all nodes and peripherals are attached to one main cable. In Star topology, all nodes and peripherals are connected to one hub, or switch 8. Which network topology would you choose if you were responsible for creating your own network? Why? I will choose star topology, because the network won’t go wrong if one of the computers goes wrong. It is safer for documents in the computers.
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