Netw410 Week 2 Lab

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NETW410 Week 2 Lab Report

To complete the Week 2 Lab Report, answer the questions below concerning the Network Design Lab Scenario found in Doc Sharing.
Please use the template starting on page 2 and submit it to the Week 2 iLab Dropbox by the due date.

Have fun while learning.
Krystofir Weaver
NETW410, Ali Dayoub
Lab 2: Application of the Top Down Network Design Methodology

Lab Report

1. What are the business goals? (10 points)

The business goals are to expand the campus to accommodate local population growth. In the expansion we have to accommodate on and off campus classes via online capability as well due to the increase in enrollment.

2. What are the business constraints? (10 points)

The constraint is dividing the funding. Because of how the funding is gathered, it must be spent in a responsible way. Since funding is obtained through property taxes and bonds.

3. What are the technical goals? (10 points)

1. Build a new IT wing onto the Administration building to centralize all of the servers that are currently located in a closet in each of the individual buildings.

2. Connect all of the buildings to the new IT wing of the Administration building.

3. Provide controlled wireless access for the students in each classroom.

4. Provide open wireless access for the students and the local population in the areas outside of each building.

5. Provide a high-speed wired network connection to each faculty office.

6. Provide a centralized online backup of all data designated for backup.

7. Replace the PBX based telephone system with a VOIP based system.

4. What are the technical constraints? (10 points)

The technical constraints are maintaining maintenance windows every Wednesday night from 10pm to 12am. Full functionality of the network 24/7 is also a must. Also, preparing for future growth of an extension to the campus that is 15 miles away from the current campus in the next few

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