Topics: Easement, Work, Right-of-way Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Lab #4, Installation in the Outside Plant

Lab Report

1. May we dig a trench across the city street shown in this lab? For this Lab there shouldn’t be a problem digging a trench across the street 2. Who issues the permit for this work?
The Department of Engineer Services can issue the permit for digging the trench 3. Must we submit construction plans to the city?
Yes, why wouldn’t you want to submit one in the first place because the state, and county will have to approve of these in the first place before any digging is commenced. 4. Once the permit is issued, how long must we wait before commencing work? 90 Days

5. How deep must the cable be buried?
Cable must be buried at least 42” deep minimum under the pavement 6. What are the exact detailed compaction requirements as listed in the manual provided by the city for restoration of any surface that is trenched? The manual states the following: “All backfill material shall be compacted in lifts of loose depth and must not exceed 8” and [when] compacted to at least 95% of Standard Proctor Density at which the optimum moisture content. +/- 2% points, or determines by the ASTM D698 or whatever the City sees suitable in advanced technology compaction testing methods, as approved by the Director.” 7. Is the company we hire to do the work required to be registered in any way? Yes the company we hire must be registered to work to being done and they have to register with the Department of Engineering Services for the City of Burleson in accordance with their Section 15-23 of the Right-of-Way Ordinance. 8. What is a right-of-way?

A right of way is the permission to continue an outside plant network outside their property's boundaries if they do use 1 of 5 things. 1. The school is going to attach a utility provider's pole line, 2. They use a utility provider's conduit, 3. The school use a public R/W or some other access provider, or 4. The school uses a utility easement or private party...
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