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Week 5 iLab Report
Angelo Scianni
DeVry University
NETW360: Wireless Technologies and Services

Observing the Wireless Spectrum

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Professor: Yassin
Date: 8/5/14

Observing the Wireless Spectrum
Guidelines: It’s always best to introduce a paper to the reader. It sets the tone and provides an overview of what will be covered and what the goals are. What is the intent of the lab? What issues are addressed? Why is it important? What are the goals?

In this lab, I read graphs and the spectrum analyzer to answer all different questions about them. I was able to identify interference and overlapping of signals, to identify the strength of signals, and to identify they type of signal being put out. Specific questions from iLab

Guidelines: Answer each of the following questions using the sequence and data from the lab instructions. Answer all questions in full college-level sentences and paragraphs.

1. Capture 1: Are any channels being used that overlap other channels?

Channels 1 through 13 are being used that overlap other channels.

2. Capture 1: If you had to install a new wireless LAN, what channel would you use?

I would say that the best channel to install a new wireless LAN on would be Channel 14. I would choose Channel 14 because none of the other channels overlap Channel 14.

3. Capture 2: What channels are being used?

Channels 1 through 13 are being used.

4. Capture 2: What channel is being used the most?

Channel 10 is being used the most.

5. Capture 3: What type of signal is being shown?

The type of signal being shown is the HyperX RFID Reader.

6. Capture 3: What frequency, not channel, is being use

The frequency being used is 2450 MHz.

7. Capture 4: What type of signal is being shown and how strong in dBms is it?

The type of signal being shown is 802.11g and the signal is -60 to -50 dBms.

Minimum of two paragraphs that describe the following: What you...

References: Guidelines
Include all references used to complete this iLab. This must be in APA format.
- Ciampa, M. (2013). Lab manual for ciampa 's cwna guide to wireless lans. S.l.: Cengage Learning.
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