Topics: Somerset, West Somerset, Exmoor Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: October 9, 2008
Introduction: Welcome to Somerset
As part of our GCSE Geography course, we were tasked to go to Nettlecombe Court Field Studies centre in Somerset. Nettlecombe Court lies in a secluded valley at the eastern edge of Exmoor National Park in the county of Somerset. It is situated in the south west of England near Bristol and Gloucestershire. Somerset is a rural county of rolling hills such as the Mendip Hills, Quantock Hills and Exmoor National Park. The county has a lot of greenery and farms there showing that one major business is agriculture .Unemployment is lower than the national average, and the largest employment sectors are retail, manufacturing, tourism, health and social care. This report will investigate the coastal processes and management inside and outside Exmoor national Park. The programme was arranged and designed to provide, us students, with a choice of information and titles to help us with our examination coursework. The geology of this course will include and investigate a range of issues including coastal management, coastal processes, rivers, flooding, sea defences, beach materials, and tourism.
The main places in Somerset are Exmoor National Park, Porlock bay (Gore Point and Hurlstone Point) and Minehead. Therefore theses sites will be useful for our investigation as it has big attractions and relations with coastal processes and management.

Coastal Processes
During our field trip in Somerset we had to investigate into the coastal processes along Porlock Bay. The processes we had to study and evaluate for our investigation were as follows:- Waves
Waves are caused by the friction of the wind on the surface of the water. It starts of when the wind hits the surface of the water, causing the wave to change its movement shape. Due to this there is energy formed as the water moves forward with each...
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