Netsuite Inc., Berlin Packaging Churchill Downs and Others: the Secret to Crm Is in the Data

Topics: Customer relationship management, Data mining, Customer service Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: September 1, 2011
1.Berlin Packaging, a US$ 200 million-a-year maker of cans & bottles used two disparate business intelligence systems – Relationship Management and Order Management systems respectively. Both of them had their own customer master files, which did not match. Data integration, through CRM implementation would provide a universal view of the customer by removing data deficiencies (such as wrong numbers, mis-spelt names, incorrect addresses) and also help summarize customer data from the 2 BI systems. Customer data often remains fragmented throughout the company due to the proliferation of multiple BI tools such as CRM, ERP & SCM systems. By building bolt-on applications into the PeopleSoft ERP & SCM system, they created historical records on 27,000 customers. Each dept of the company could now access critical customer data from a single repository. Churchill Downs, a US$ 500 million-a-year operator of 6 horse racing tracks, was looking to change its mass marketing approach into a personalized one-on-one direct marketing strategy. The company had 27 sources of customer information and referencing amongst them was a constant problem. Traditionally, customers were divided into 4 distinct buckets – platinum, gold, silver & bronze. After running the Clementine data mining tool, it was discovered that there were 9 distinct customer types based on psychographics (deciphering which would go a long way in conceptualizing successful direct marketing efforts). By harnessing the true power of BI, Churchill Downs was able to match customer profiles with the messaging on marketing brochures. These collaterals resonated well with their personalities, resulting in great results at the Arlington Derby – 5,500 customers turned up at the races (10% of 55,000) and spent an average of nearly US$ 300 per person, totaling US$ 1.6 million (up nearly 70% from the previous year). Alternatives uses of CRM that could benefit Churchill Downs: •By the efficient use of CRM Churchill Downs...
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