Netiquette and Chat Room

Topics: Netiquette, Online chat, Instant messaging Pages: 4 (428 words) Published: August 13, 2013
1. | What is Netiquette?|
| |

A.| The proper use of manners and etiquette on the Internet.|

B.| Using a net to catch fish.|

C.| Being mean to other people on Facebook.|

D.| Using proper manners at the dinner table.|
| |

2. | Which of these is cyber-bullying?|
| |

A.| Flame mail.|

B.| Hate mail.|

C.| Posting mean comments on a discussion board.|

D.| All of the above.|
| |

3. | What is considered shouting over the Internet?|
| |

A.| Screaming at your computer.|

B.| Writing in all CAPS.|

C.| Putting a lot of exclamation marks at the end of a sentence.|

D.| Not answering a friend request on Facebook.|
| |

4. | Who can see the information you type in a chat room?| | |

A.| Only the person to whom you are chatting.|

B.| Anyone on the web at anytime.|

C.| Only the person with you at the computer.|

D.| Anyone in the chat room at the time.|
| |

5. | If you receive a text or email from someone you don't know, what should you do? | | |

A.| Open it immediately and reply.|

B.| Call the police.|

C.| Delete it without opening it.|

D.| Leave it in your inbox until you figure out who it is.| | |

6. | You should never give out which of the following on the Internet?| | |

A.| Your name.|

B.| Your age.|

C.| Your address.|

D.| All of the above.|
| |

7. | To avoid being cyber-bullied you should always... | | |

A.| Give out personal information to anyone who asks.|

B.| Strike first - post mean things about other people on your Wall on Facebook.|

C.| Observe proper netiquette rules.|

D.| Ignore any requests from people to be your friend online.| | |

8. | What do you do if you feel you are being cyber-bullied?| | |

A.| Tell a trusted adult like a parent or teacher.|

B.| Tell no one, it's embarrassing.|

C.| Just...
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