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Choosing to be professional, careful, and remembering that I will be talking to a human being on the other end of my words are three of the guidelines I find to be important to me in becoming a member of the electronic learning community. With all the laws I have scoured over the past two days, keeping a level head when in discussion, seems to be common sense. As we all know that common sense is not everywhere. However, remembering that we all think and react differently, I will indeed be using these three guidelines without hesitation. When using sarcasm or humor it is best to know that the other person or persons cannot see your facial expressions, your body English, and hear how you’re saying your thoughts. I know for me that being able to see how someone’s facial expression is while they are having conversation with me can make me feel what they are saying. Laughing is a way people relax and take stress from their days. If humor is mistaken for sarcasm it can and will create a tension between parties, Although, being professional when online will reduce the odds of having such a catastrophe on your hands or leaving someone else to believe that you have not used etiquette online.

I learned that being careful when in conversation crosses more than one guideline and has astounding merit. It can be as simple as knowing not to intrude into an ongoing discussion. It is considered rude behavior to interrupt other community member’s thoughts, let them finish their topic. I took great heed to opting to do what is referred to as “lurking”. Lurking is used to see what topics are discussed in different chats, forums, and communities. Lurking is also used to see how individuals react to other members and to get the feel of them interacting with each other. It also is as severe as loosing privileges’ to be able to join or can be unlawful. Using extreme care and thought into your words and actions is strongly advised.

In conclusion, I have found that...

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