Netcom Computer House

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*Inside the house of Netcom*
Introduction Company Philosophy The Vision To become the best top market leader in providing IT Products, Services and Solutions in Brunei The Mission To deliver high quality, innovative products with good prices, backup supported by on-time and efficient after sales services to our valuable end users and corporate clients. Ethics Of the Business Business Ethics comprises moral principles and standards that guide behavior in the business world (Ferrell and Fraedrich 1997). Human Resource Management (Responsibility towards Employees) Netcom Computer House goes by the government rule and only hires candidates who are at least at the legal age of 18. In addition, there is no discrimination involved in the hiring process, which is mainly based on qualification. Even so, the manager looks for extra elements such as attitude and character of the applicant, as it is known that some qualified applicants lack integrity and fail to produce the standard output that would be expected of them. At present, Netcom manages its staff by putting trust and dedication into supervisors for each outlet, to bring up any issues during meetings. Sales and Marketing (Responsibility towards Customers and Community) Netcom do not consider their products the cheapest and most affordable but the company does its best to offer value for money pricing for their products. At reasonable prices, customers who tend to make surveys will consider Netcom highly before making their decision, although there are products which prices are already fixed by its principal in advanced. The contents of their advertisement are mainly published in the Borneo Bulletin Newspaper, their own website, exhibitions and road shows. The main purpose of the exhibitions and road shows are to promote public awaress about their current and upcoming products, e.g brands which they sell such as Acer, Dell and Hewlett Packard, and to demonstrate their usage as a proof of their function ability to those potential customers who are interested. The manager however has his own theory of the best way to advertise, through the mouths of others. Not necessarily others, but through mouths of trusted people, because of the fact that there are so many advertisements about products of different IT companies, he believes that the attempt of any staff trying to raise the name of the company’s products is less effective and inappropriate. Therefore the best would be to maintain a good reputation and customer relationships, thus recommendations from friends who are Netcom customers will spark an advertising flow. Green Policy (Responsibility towards the Environment) At present, Netcom does not have a high focus on its Green Policy but Mr.Goh has ensured that they are in process improving it. We firstly asked if they have any plans of using power saving equipments, the response was positive, as Mr. Goh believes that their principals such as Acer, Dell and Hewlett Packard, which are among the best in the world, are very committed towards the Green policy concept and will dedicate themselves in producing more power saving items. E.g. power saving batteries which are already in the market. In terms of recycling, due to the unavailability of a recycling company in the country, and boxes and packages belong to customers together with their products after purchase, the process of recycling is halted. To improve this, Mr.Goh said that in the near future, they will consider requesting politely for any boxes unwanted by customers, include them with the small number of boxes which are leftover at the shops and send them to a recycling centre, for the benefit of good environment for all. In terms of resources, Netcom makes use of digital communication such as email, telephone and instant messaging before paper/print based communications like fax. The main purpose is to not waste paper, and advantages include more confidentiality, less money wasting fax calls, the...

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