Net Present Value and Fiat

Topics: Net present value, Cash flow, Discounted cash flow Pages: 4 (1476 words) Published: May 20, 2013

Team members: Iñaki aizbitarte, Urko Ortega, Davide Rotta, Simone Zou, Pasquale Reitano

The company that we have decided to consider for this analysis is the Italian factory Fiat spa. Fiat is a global group with a clear focus in the automobile sector. Through its various businesses, it designs, produces and sells automobiles and related components and production systems. Fiat was one of the founders of the European car industry and today, as a result of its partnership with Chrysler, has a manufacturing and commercial base of sufficient scale to compete as a global automaker. The Fiat group after the entered in the American market with the acquisition of the quota of majority of Crysler is found again of forehead, over that to a new market, also to a new coin with all those that can be the risks over how commercial also those financial. Nevertheless, right now, the exchange rate between these two currencies is 1 euro =1.3118 dollars so in order to make easier the case we will use 1.31 to round it up.

The politics of the Group related to the management of the risk of change foresee, as a rule, the coverage of the future commercial flows that you/they will have bookkeeping demonstration within 12 months and of the orders acquired (or committed in progress) to put aside from their expiration. It is reasonable to believe that the relative effect of coverage suspended in the Reserve of cash flow hedge will primarily be in relief to economic account in the following exercise. The Group is exposed to consequential risks by the variation of the rates of change, that you/they can influence on its economic result and on the value of the clean patrimony. Particularly: Whereas the societies of the Group sustain costs denominated in different currencies by those of denomination of the respective proceeds, the variation of the rates of change can influence the Result operational of such societies. In 2012, the general amount of...
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