Net Present Value and Cash

Topics: Net present value, Laundry detergent, Inventory Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: May 5, 2012

Purpose of Meeting: To make capital budgeting decision with respect to the introduction and production of a new product, a liquid detergent called Blast. Need to consider what types and which cash flows should be included in capital budgeting analysis. D&D was producing and marketing two major product lines: 1. Lift-Off: Low –suds, concentrated powder.

2. Wave: Traditional powder detergent.
Questions & Answers:
1. If you were in Steve Gasper’s place, would you argue to include the cost from market testing as a cash outflow? If I’m Steven Gasper’s I would not include the cost from market testing as a cash outflow. The reason is because the cost from market testing was considered as sunk costs. A sunk cost is an outlay that has already occurred, hence by decision under consideration would not been affected by the costs. Since sunk costs are not incremental cost they should not be included in the analysis. In this case initial cost for Blast, $500,000 for test marketing, which was conducted in the Detroit area and completed in the previous June was consider as a sunk cost and it will not affect Danforth & Donnalley Laundry future cash flows regardless of whether or not the new branch is built.

2. What would your opinion be as to how to deal with the question of working capital? Working capital management deals with the management of current assets which are inventories, payroll, and other cash needs and receivables from customers, account receivable, and also procedures financing these assets. In our opinion, have two basic questions involves in working capital policy: (i) What is the appropriate amount of current assets for the firm to carry both in total and for each specific account and (ii) How should current asset be financed. Therefore, the most important element in best buys working capital policy is its inventory management. Refer to the Danforth...
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