Net present value

Topics: Revenue, Balance sheet, Inventory Pages: 10 (2718 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Assignment Cover Sheet
for OUA Students
An Assignment Cover Sheet needs to be included at the front of each assignment submitted. Address details
Full name:
Adian Al GbooryAddress:
3/50 barton st reservoir
VIC Postcode: 3073 Personal details
UniSA Student ID:adian1991
UniSA Email:ALYAY02 details Unit code: ACG11 Unit name: Accounting for Business
Assignment no. 2 Due date: 14th August 2014 at 1pm (ACST)
Extension due date (if applicable):
Student Declaration
I declare the work contained in this assignment is my own, except where acknowledgement of sources is made. I authorise the University to test any work submitted by me, using text comparison software, for instances of plagiarism. I understand that this will involve the University or its contractor copying my work and storing it on a database to be used in future to test work submitted by others. I understand that I can obtain further information on this matter at The attachment of this statement on any electronically submitted assignments will be deemed to have the same authority as a signed statement. Student Signature:AdianDate:

Please note: All text based assessment tasks should be submitted electronically using learnonline Gradebook. If submitting your assignment in hard copy you should complete and attach this Assignment Cover Sheet. Please check your Unit Outline for submission details. OFFICE USE ONLY

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Date recorded and dispatched to student: Recorded and dispatched by: ACG 11
Accounting for Business, SP2 2014
Assignment 2
90 Marks – Weighting 20%
Due 1 pm (ACST) Thursday 14th August 2014
Here are the details for assignment 2. There are four (4) questions in this assignment. Please aim to complete the assignment a few days before the due date to allow for any unforeseen circumstances such as illness, family issues, work commitments etc. You may submit the assignment early if you have too many other commitments around the due date. The due date and time is stated in the unit outline and above. It is your responsibility to ensure you factor in any time difference between Adelaide, South Australia (ACST) and your location when submitting your assignment. Please note that instructions relating to file types, files sizes and number of files are also provided when you actually log into Gradebook, but please note the following: The assignment must be completed using the Word document template provided. No other formats or file types will be accepted. Due to the nature of Turnitin (the plagiarism software used by UniSA), students cannot scan images (such as hand written responses), or Excel calculations and insert as pictures. To assist with marking, please delete the questions from the template prior to submission. Remember to fill out the assignment coversheet which is the first page of this document. All assignments must be lodged via the ACG11 Learnonline page. You can find the submission link under the ‘Assessment’ tab. Assignments submitted via e-mail (or any other method) will NOT be accepted. Make sure that you upload the correct file. You will not be allowed to submit a second file if you discover (after the due date) that you have uploaded a draft version or the wrong file. Please note that this is an individual piece of assessment. Pay particular attention to the student declaration which forms a part of the cover sheet. You must type your name and the date in the appropriate field in this declaration. Best of luck with assignment 2.

Question 1 (25 marks)
Josie Black has started a domestic cleaning business Crystal View Cleaning (CVC). She started the business on 1st May 2014, it is now 30th June and she has asked for your...
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