Net Neutrality

Topics: Network neutrality, Broadband Internet access, Internet service provider Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Current policies and practices pertaining to “net neutrality” in the Canadian context. Why or Why not is “net neutrality” an important principle?

Orlando Desmond D’Souza

Dr. Valerie Scatamburlo-D'annibale
Introduction to Media and Society: 40-101-01
Tuesday October 25, 2011

Net Neutrality also known as Network Neutrality is one of the most highly debated topic of the century. The debate is fundamentally based on the future of the Internet and the role it would play in the society. It has received a great deal of attention from various people including telecommunication experts, certain political representatives as well as the press. It mainly states that Internet Service providers (ISP’s) must treat all data sources equally. In other words it means that the users of the internet must have the freedom to access the internet without any restrictions put upon them by the ISP’s. The term ‘net neutrality’ is defined in a number of ways by different communities, companies and individuals. Barratt and Shade stressed upon another condition that; there are no means by which centralized mechanisms can be used to control the Internet. Moreover Moll and Shade argued that the corporations that own networks have no control of the information that runs through them (Moll & Shade, 2008: VIII). Many organizations and companies try to use it in various forms. There are several examples on net neutrality with respect to Canada with one of them being the Telus issue. Based on research it was found out that Telus blocked access to a pro-union site by blocking its main server which in turn blocked another 766 unrelated sites for subscribers. Later on Telus defended its decision as it said due to the access of some confidential information famous example is of a cable internet company named Shaw. Shaw had charged a $10 quality of service fee from its customers if they used a VoIP service of another provider. The $10 fee was removed if the customers continued...

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