Net Generation

Topics: Generation Y, Strauss and Howe, Generation Z Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: March 7, 2007
The Net Generation is definitely a generation to not look down upon. They are equipped with a heavy involvement in technology, and that in today's world is a strong key for success. We live in a time where technology is breaking boundaries and where computers are the needs for survival. Most companies no longer need human labor, therefore machines and technology savvy people are and will be the most wanted. They are also aware of reality such as having different jobs, being globally informed, and drastic change adaptors. I myself consider myself to be part of this generation, and although I do not know everything about computers, I know enough to claim over novice experience. I think this generation is profound and will succeed to make the world a more technology oriented place. They will be the ones to take our knowledge, pass in on to the next generation, and perhaps break the current boundaries that technology holds. They without a doubt are the future of technology. The Net Gen is not any smarter than our past generations, they simply have the advantage of knowing how to work what is currently driving the world, technology and computers. The Net Gen is changing the world in several ways. They're technology savvy, mobile, and coal with chaos (Mark L. Alch, 2000). For example they are allowing companies/organizations to defy that downsizing is totally normal and should be looked upon with no feeling or bad. Downsizing, takeovers, and closings are and have a big impact in the heart. The Net Gen feels that those are simple reasons and that most people will go through that eventually, so it is best not to worry. Cool with chaos. The Net Generation has come to regard constant and turbulent change as normal. As a result, they're more attuned to the need to make adjustments in midstream and have contingency plans (Mark L. Alch, 2000). Having a strong views and a mind set on free expression, the Net Gen can create a problem for companies who run their businesses in a...
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