Nestle Pure Life Program

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Praise is to Allah Almighty, the one testing us all at all times and making decisions about what we don’t know and can’t know. Writing this report appeared to be a great experience to us. It added a lot to our knowledge while we were working on this report. If we say that this report is one of our memorable experiences in student life, then it would not be wrong. We owe profound gratitude to SIR ALY RAZA SYED for stimulating our creative abilities by assigning this report to us. We are immensely obliged to all our fellow students who guided us in making this report, without whose considerate attention and interest, it would be difficult for us to complete this report on time. Whatever we have learnt from them and this project report has put indelible impression on our mind. It is our conviction that this learning experience will always be a source of help in our practical life and professional career.

Marketing Plan For Nestle Pure Life Water Pakistan University Of Management and Technology

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Executive Summery
We are analyzing the marketing plan of Nestle which is an FMCG company. Our analysis of Nestle will include the current market situation and strategic analysis of the company. We will see the various strategies that can be used by them for improving their product. Nestle has been serving worldwide with its excellence in product safety, quality and value. It provides many products which include dairy products, beverages, water, and infant dietetic and confectionary. We have taken NESTLE WATER for our project report. Their aim is to provide customer with pure drinking water on suitable prices make the product as convenient as possible. According to their claim that they provide the best food through out the world. For Nestle Pure Life they adopted the societal and marketing concept. Further we will explain the SWOT, SMART, IMC plan competitive analysis and all other strategies used by them.

Marketing Plan For Nestle Pure Life Water Pakistan University Of Management and Technology

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Introduction Of Nestle:
Nestle is the leading FMCG company of Switzerland established by Henri Nestle. Nestle is serving worldwide with its more than 500 factories in 86 countries comprising almost all continents. Nestlé’s product portfolio is more than 500 products all over the world serving best to their customers. Henri Nestlé endowed his company with the symbol derived from his name. His family coat of arms, the nest with a mother bird protecting her young, became the Company's logo and a symbol of the Company's care and attitude to life-long nutrition. The Nestlé nest represents the nourishment, security and sense of family that are so essential to life. The first product made by Henri Nestlé, a food for babies who were unable to breastfeed. His first success was a premature infant who could not tolerate his mother's milk or any of the usual substitutes. People quickly recognized the value of the new product, after Nestlé's new formula saved the child's life, and soon, Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé was being sold in much of Europe. Nestlé has been serving Pakistani consumers since 1988, when the parent company, the Switzerlandbased Nestlé SA, first acquired a share in Milkpak Ltd.

Nestlé’s Vision:
Marketing Plan For Nestle Pure Life Water Pakistan University Of Management and Technology

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The consumer's voice is the key to Nestlé Pakistan's vision and working. Whether you live in the remotest village or the metropolis of Karachi, Nestle consumer services team stands ready to listen to your concerns and provide answers about our products and guidance on matters of health and wellness. Nestlé’s global vision is to be the leading health, wellness, and Nutrition Company of the world. Nestle’ Pakistan subscribes fully to this global vision. In addition to that, Nestle Pakistan also envisions to: • Lead a dynamic motivated and professional workforce that is proud...
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