Nestle Marketing Strategy

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The product, packaging and communication have been revamped. The re-launch campaign, which has the tagline, 'Kaafi Hai', targets college-goers. After a lengthy hiatus of six years, Nestlé has re-launched its chocolate brand, Bar One. During this period, Nestlé Bar One has been available in the market, but was not advertised at all. |[pic] |

B Kannan, general manager, chocolates and confectionery, Nestlé India, informs, "Rigorous work with the technology centres has enabled us to develop taste superiority in Bar One, which is supported by consumer research. We have, therefore, re-launched it as the companion for the confident young Indian. This re-launch campaign goes beyond the product benefit and strengthens the emotional experience of the consumer." Nestlé Bar One is available at price points of Rs 5 and Rs 10, and this new thrust is further strengthened by revamped packaging which is fresh, youthful and premium. Regarding the chocolate and confectionery category, Kannan continues, "This category is an evolving one. Nestlé India has grown steadily and has created new segments that are more relevant to emerging consumer needs and wellness preferences. It is now the leader in the chocolaty wafer segment for 'lighter eating' and 'whites'. It continued to innovate and renovate for portion control in its brands, including KitKat, Munch, Milky Bar and Bar One." |[pic] |

|[pic] |

Bar One has now returned from the back-burner with a campaign titled 'Kaafi Hai'. The catch-phrase bears a double meaning. At the surface level, the message is that the chocolate is loaded with caramel and nougat, and is, hence, filling enough. At a deeper level, the brand encourages youngsters to be themselves, as that would be enough (kaafi hai) to impress the opposite gender. The target group thus comprises young, college-going boys and girls....
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