Nestle MArketing

Topics: Economics, Marketing, Inflation Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Demographic External factor
More the education more will be the awareness about brand and quality food. If the income level of people is high then purchasing power will be high so they willpurchase more.
Nestle products are made for people belonging from all age groups. Both male/female are included equally in its target market.

Economic environment
If the inflation rate is high then there will be decrease in purchasing power. so inflation indirectly affects the company‘s sale.
Nation varies greatly in its level and distribution of income. Changes in major economic variables such as income, cost of living, interest rate andsavings have a large impact on the market place.

Political environment
Government regulations to protect interest of society and from unfair business practices. Unstable political conditions.
Law order situation getting worse.
Legal environment
Registered in the stock exchanges of Pakistan.

Social/cultural environment
Consumption behavior of Pakistani people is high so they consume more goods. As Pakistan is Muslim country so we cannot add any ingredient which is prohibited in Islam or which is not ―Halal‖.
As nestle water is the branded item so the people who are brand conscious will prefer touse nestle water .so nestle is focusing more on the posh areas.

Technological environment
Technological environment is changing rapidly.
Most dramatic force shaping company‘s offerings and the way product is marketed .
Company‘s must keep up with technological changes to match up with its environment.

Internal Environment
In Nestle Internal environment ensures.
Employees are on side with the goals of an organization.
They have direct impact on product quality,dependability and overall productivity. They are internal market, which impact everydepartment within an organization; asatisfied internalmarket will be better able to satisfy external market. Nestle under the supervision of top management runs...
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