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Product Development
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Behind every one of Nestlé’s products is a team of scientists, product developers, designers, nutritionists, consumer service representatives and regulatory affairs specialists.

In order to capitalise on that past success and to extend future growth, Nestlé has decided to take a series of measures to improve its presence and give a clearer strategic focus to the business.

Nestlé commitment to product quality remains the corner stone of its business philosophy. In Pakistan too the Company has all along been committed to achieving the highest quality of its products.

The benefits of Nestle water can go beyond proper hydration. Making a simple decision to drink more water may significantly impact your health and contribute to:

* Weight loss:
Swapping sugared beverages for water can reduce your caloric intake and help you lose weight as part of a healthy lifestyle. * Proper digestion:
Water aids in the digestion of your food as it serves as a medium. * Improved physical endurance:
Drinking enough water helps maintain physical performance by helping to sustain endurance and strength in adults.

Nestle has one of the best and attractive packaging. Innovative packaging of the bottle makes its advantageous over competitors that result in boost up of sales. Brand Equity
Consumers have very high brand equity of Nestle pure life in their minds. Consumers appreciate the variety of sizes in which Nestle Pure Life.  Users & non-users both declare that; Nestle is a well known name, they trust its quality, Its a multinational, in interviews consumers also think that people who use Nestlé’s products are smarter, immune and strong.

NESTLÉ pure life is in fact only one brand within the Nestlé family where quality goes well beyond the product itself. Throughout the world and across Nestlé brands, they’re involved in a broad range of social and environmental initiatives that together make quite a...
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