Nestlé Internationalization Strategy on the Romanian Market

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Nestlé Internationalization Strategy on the Romanian Market

I. General presentation of Nestle International4


II. Planning6

Mission of the company6

Strategic goal7

Strategic plan7

Operational and tactical planning11

1. Tactical Planning - Product Design and Production Department11

Operational Planning – Product Design and Production Department – Manufacturing Office14

2. Tactical Planning - Sales Department16

Operational Planning – Sales Department – Supply Chain Management Office18

3. Tactical Planning - Marketing Department19

Operational Planning - Marketing Department - Advertising Office22

4. Tactical Planning – Human Resources Department23

Operational Planning – Human Resources Department –Staffing & Recruitment Office24

5. Tactical planning - Finance department25

Operational planning – Finance Department - Tax Office27

6. Tactical planning – Legal department29

Operational planning – Commercial Office30

III. Organizing:32

1.The organizational chart of the company, before and after internationalization32

2.The identification of the type of organizational structure34

3.The justification for choosing the respective organizational structure35

4.The departmentalization of the personnel.35

IV. Coordinating (Human Resources Policy)36

The General Manager of the subsidiary in Romania36

The Marketing Director of the Romanian subsidiary41

Assembly line worker in the Romanian subsidiary47

V. Controlling49

Financial performance49

Quality performance50

Human resources performance50

I. General presentation of Nestle International

Nestlé is the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company. We are committed to increasing the nutritional value of our products while improving the taste. We achieve this through our brands and with initiatives like the Nutritional Compass and 60/40+. Since Henri Nestlé developed the first milk food for infants in 1867, and saved the life of a neighbor’s child, the Nestlé Company has aimed to build a business as the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company based on sound human values and principles. While our Nestlé Corporate Business Principles will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world, our basic foundation is unchanged from the time of the origins of our Company, and reflects the basic ideas of fairness, honesty, and a general concern for people. Nestlé is committed to the following Business Principles in all countries, taking into account local legislation, cultural and religious practices: • Nestlé's business objective is to manufacture and market the Company's products in such a way as to create value that can be sustained over the long term for shareholders, employees, consumers, and business partners. • Nestlé does not favor short-term profit at the expense of successful long-term business development. • Nestlé recognizes that its consumers have a sincere and legitimate interest in the behavior, beliefs and actions of the Company behind brands in which they place their trust, and that without its consumers the Company would not exist. • Nestlé believes that, as a general rule, legislation is the most effective safeguard of responsible conduct, although in certain areas, additional guidance to staff in the form of voluntary business principles is beneficial in order to ensure that the highest standards are met throughout the organization. • Nestlé is conscious of the fact that the success of a corporation is a reflection of the professionalism, conduct and the responsible attitude of its management and employees. Therefore recruitment of the right people and ongoing training and development are crucial. • Nestlé continues to maintain its commitment to follow and respect all applicable local laws in each of its markets....
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