Nest in the Wind

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After reading the novel Nest in the Wind: Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island, written by Martha C. Ward, I learned about a culture on an island that is much different but similar in many ways to ours. The Climate of the Island was tropical with heavy rainfall. The Island was known as a “tropical paradise”. Ward a female Anthropologist went to this Island to study its inhabitants . Some area she focus on was Family, Religion, sex, tradition, economics, politics ,medicine, death, resources and daily activities . Ward approach to getting this information as accurate as possible was to live among the Pohnpeians as . She got involved in their culture and community. She even , though unwanted gained rank in their society. Her and Her Husband lived in a tin hut, learned customs and manners. They were forced to do the daily chores , find food learn the language and be an active part of the community When the first arrived they had little idea what to expect. They went for information and what they got was a life changing experience. Their study is one of the few done on the traditional way of Pohnpei life recording everything from chores to beliefs. One Major belief in Pohnpei is sorcery. During her visit to the Island, Martha Ward and her husband hear many traditions and beliefs. One of these beliefs is sorcery. In Pohnpei they believe that jealousy or greed towards others was the same as sending a curse”(ward 2005). Pohnpei is a society in which cooperation and being humble are key values of life. The Islander are still human though , they believe that hidden feelings are causes of bad fortune. The author claims scientifically she can not prove the were the victims of sorcery but the most problems including stepping on toads, losing items, and nightmares all occurred at this time. Its was believed that Sohn Alpet threw feast to rid the two of the curses but he never spoke of it. Martha Ward He says he was too good of a Christian which at

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