Nervous System and Terminal Buttons

Topics: Nervous system, Neuron, Brain Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: September 26, 2014
1. What are the three functions of a neuron? -Receive information from other cells -Process the information -and transmit it to the rest of the body 2. What are the main parts of a neuron? Please define axon, dendrites, soma, terminal buttons and synapse. The main parts of a neuron are: Axon, Dendrites, terminal buttons and myelin sheath. Axon: The axon receives and carries messages by the dendrites in other neurons. It is the longer part of the rest of the neuron and it is covered with a protective coat of fat called myelin sheath. The axon finish with the terminal buttons. Dendrites: the dendrites receive messages from other neurons. Soma: The soma is where the signals from the dendrites are joined and passed on. It serves to maintain the cell and keep the neuron functional. Terminal Buttons: are small bulges at the end of the axon and they send messages to other neurons. Synapse: It is the space between two neurons where the axon communicates with messages from other neurons (Dendrites) by using chemical messages. 3. Why is the function of our brain and our behavior so complex? List a minimum of least three reasons. The function of our brain and our behavior is so complex, because the brain is made up of different regions and parts, each one with a different function. It maintains a proper metabolism, respiration and temperature. It also helps with the activities in our lives such as remembering and making decisions and learning. 4. Give one example of a neurotransmitter? What is the purpose of this specific neurotransmitter? One example is acetylcholine. It is found in the nervous system and it sends messages relating to our skeletal muscles. Also, it helps with the capacity of memory capabilities. 5. Who are neuroscientists? They study the brain and behavior; they...
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