Nervous System

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nThe nervous system
- sensory input: information gathered by sensory receptors about internal and external changes. - Integration: interpretation of sensory input
- motor output: activation of effector organs.

Organization of the nervous system
Structural classification
- central nervous system
- brain and spinal cord
- integration and command center
- peripheral nervous system
- paired spinal and cranial nerves carry messages to brain

Peripheral nervous system
- two functional divisions
1. Sensory division : somatic after end fibers which conveys impulses from skin, skeletal muscles and joints. Visceral affront fibers conveys impulses from visceral organs 2. Motor division : transmits impulses from the CNS to effector organs.

Motor division of PNS
1. Somatic nervous system : conscious control of our skeletal muscles 2. Autonomic nervous system : visceral motor nerve fibers, regulates smooth, Cardiac and glands Two functional subdivisions : sympathetic & parasympathetic

Nervous tissue : structure and function
Supporting cells
- supporting cells in the CNS are "lumped together" as neuralgia.

1. Astrocytes
- star shaped
- most abundant, versatile, highly branched glial cells
- cling to neurons and synaptic endings
- support and brace neurons
- help determine capillary and neurons
2. Microglia
- small spider like cells with thorny processes
- migrate toward injured neurons
- disposes debris
3. Ependymal cells
- may be ciliated
- line the central cavities of the brand and spinal column - for, protective cushion around CNS
4. Oligodendrocytes
- branched cells
- processes wrap CNS nerve fibers, forming insulating myelin sheaths

- satellite cells: surround cell bodies in the PNS and has protective cushioning cells - schwann cells: surrounds peripheral nerve fibers and form myelin sheaths and nerve fibers that are found In the PNS....
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