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Existence of nepotism and networking

As stated in the case, expatriate and local managers “ turn a blind eye ” to the nepotism and networking that secures employment. According to Branine (2002),“friendship and kinship take precedence over qualifications as managers feel obliged to support their relatives and family and friends” in Islam countries. However, this will cause corruption and is against the the Islamic belief. Al-’Adl indicated that the Islamic way of life does not allow favoritism in recruitment since it violates the ethical principles of justice. Besides, the well-being of employers will inextricably influence the behavior of employees, so human resource policies and practices have to be based on the principles of transparency, accountability, sincerity and justice (Ali, 2005). Suggestion:

To prevent the nepotism and networking during employment, all the process of recruitment should be based on job analysis. Eligible candidates should be selected instead of friends and families. External recruitment should be encouraged instead of internal recruitment, and the organization should make it clear which kind of nepotism is not allowed to enter into the company.

Assessment center process——validity of westernized tests, distrust of candidates

An assessment center should reflect the reality of the job and the organization. The tasks set should link with the job description and person specification. It must be fair as a selection process regarding the time taken, the number of tasks set and the opportunities for candidates to show different aspects of their abilities (CIPD fact-sheet).  Arab culture is based on face-to-face interaction (Mellahi, 2006). This type of behavior is also found at the workplace where managers and their employees prefer direct contact with each other, because it is believed that the face-to-face interaction produces trust, support and commitment. Many researches suggest that the...
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