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NGatherers Research homework
1.Why do you think Paleolithic people may have created these paintings? To show what they see to other people in the best way they can. 2.What role might the paintings and engravings serve in Paleolithic society? It would play the role of informing as these paintings are very well done. 3.Select any three images that fit the purposes you consider the most likely explanation for their creation and identify specific aspects of those images that support your choice.

The Sorcerer
The artist of this must have saw the beauty of this in reality and then painted it for others to see.

Red Bears
After seeing Red Bears like this in the wild the artist must have wanted his other people to see this as well.

Horse in the central recess
The image most likely was drawn after the artist saw a scared horse due to the fact that its legs are up. 1.What was lost and what was gained when humans converted from the hunter-gatherer way of life to the agricultural way of life? - The people gained having a more stable environment, a chance to an abundance of supplies and tools for survival, and a new way of acquiring food. However they lost having the chance of traveling like nomads, having the items that they would get from the animal herds, and their old way of life. 2.Archaeologists and scholars have various theories to explain why humans began to practice food production in place of hunting and gathering. Which theory (or theories) makes the most sense to you? Why?
3.After agriculture became a widespread practice in the Near East, early civilizations began to emerge, like the Sumerians, the Assyrians, and the Egyptians. How do you suppose those two stages are related to each other?
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