Neolithic Revolution

Topics: Domestication, Livestock, Neolithic Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Neolithic Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution was a major turning point in history. It is the time when the early use technology. Some of the technology consisted of sophisticated stone tools, pottery and farming. This is also the time when they began to domesticate animals such as goats, cows and some of the other usual farm animals. People called Hunter-gatherers also came into place during this time period. This is also known as the agricultural revolution.

During this period tools stared to come into place. When it comes to sophisticated stone tools, some of those consisted of spearpoints, arrowheads etc. These were used by the hunter-gathers to hunt down animals. This is also when farming began to take place; people began to use farming in order to get food. Pottery could have been used for many upon many reason such as grinding grains or serving food. All of these are still being used today.

In this time the domestication of animals began. Although the early humans like nomads were constantly on the move, this became of use to them for things like carrying things, fur, or even meat to eat. Hunter gatherers didn’t come to really use this idea because they usually hunted animals and didn’t domesticate them. This proves that not all the technology was useful to everyone.

Throughout history we have created technology, in which we use in order to better life for ourselves no matter the reason. We never really think about the bad it can cause like endangerment of animals. All of the technology used in that age are still being used in this day and age.
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