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The Paleolithic and Neolithic ages both had many great technological advances and were similar to each other that helped them economically. But they also differ in many ways. One example of this is the difference in the way people acted, in the Paleolithic age people acted savage and barbaric, while in the Neolithic age people acted more civilized and well mannered. One economical similarity is that agriculture played huge role in where people lived in both time periods. There are many similarities and differences, just like the ones I stated above.

One social difference is what they believe in. The People of the Paleolithic ages people believed that nature controlled everything. While in the Neolithic age people believed that god created and controlled everything. A political difference was the way they communicated was also different. In the Paleolithic age people communicated using gestures and objects. In the Neolithic age people became more advanced and developed a writing system and their own languages.

Another difference was the civilization. During the Paleolithic age people were more nomadic. But during the Neolithic age people were settled and began to develop great civilizations like the Roman Empire or Kingdom of James VI in England in document 12. The biggest difference economically is how advanced the Neolithic age was compared to the Paleolithic. In document 7 Adam Smith said that they were more advanced because they have better developed skills, dexterity and judgment then people of the Paleolithic age. . One way they differed politically is that in the Neolithic age they had laws and a judicial system in place, while in the Paleolithic age they had no laws in place and no judicial system. Everyone had to listen to the tribe leader and that was it. They also differed politically because in the Neolithic age they had things like Parliament that could over rule the king, but in the Paleolithic age they only had a tribe leader and nobody could...
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