Neoliberalism and Stop-And-Frisk

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Final Paper: Neoliberalism and Stop-And-Frisk
The era of neoliberal justice may in fact be no better than the frontier justice and Jim Crow justice. In a post-civil rights era, people of all color in the United States would assume the nation and the white elites would have progressed towards more economic equality for Black and Brown people. Unfortunately that is not the case and the reality of the assumption is a myth perpetuated through the discourses of colorblindness narrated by the white elites. Neoliberal justice, similar to the two previous justices, is deep rooted from the ideology of white supremacy but because the contemporary conversation about racism as major social issue in America became a sensitive and undesired topic, the nation is conditioned to turn the other cheek. The understanding of neoliberal justice pertained to the idea of self-determination through performances, mainly in regarded to entrepreneurship and security. This is a passive and sophisticated definition narrated by white elites, in order to hold dominance in the class hierarchy through entrepreneurship and security by economically oppressing the majority of the working class (Blacks) to maintain non-existing competitions. To be able to see the coded language of white supremacy in neoliberal justice, the public policy of Stop-And-Frisk practiced in New York City will be deconstructed. The deconstruction process of Stop-And-Frisk will first, critically analyze the statistical recorded data. And secondly, evaluate the policy to understand the connection with neoliberalism. The 2011 statistics of the Stop-And-Frisk policy reiterated the racist tendencies, predominantly against Blacks, within the state institution of policing during the era of neoliberal justice. The reported Stop-And-Frisk incidences in 2011 numbers are as follow; there were a total of 685,724 incidents reported, Blacks contributed 53% or 350,743 reported incidents to the total, and whereas Whites contributed to...
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