Neoithic Era

Topics: Neolithic, Gender role, Neolithic Revolution Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: May 17, 2012
The Neolithic Revolution changed gender roles because during the Hunting and Gathering days, men and women were equal in that they both shared the work. After the transition from Hunter Gathering days to the Neolithic Revolution, women stayed indoors more to take care of their children. This meant that they stayed home, instead of wandering around all the time searching for food. So, women were lower than men because they did not work. Men were higher because they control the amount of food they bring into the villages. Over the years the roles of both men and women have come full circle with the hunting and gathering days, to the Neolithic and back to equality today. I think the Neolithic Revolution was good.

During the Hunter and Gathering days both men and women were equal towards each other. Everyday the men would get into groups and trap and kill animals, while other groups of women collected wild plants, nuts, fungi, and berries. If they were lucky that day, they would have a large amount of food and they would be able to feed themselves and their children. In my opinion, I think the Hunter Gathering days were the best because women were not excluded from what the men did. They were equal because they had a equal amount of roles.

Then the Neolithic age hit and the roles of men and women changed. However, when the Neolithic Revolution occurred when gathering and hunting was no longer necessary because farming and the domestication of animals meant they didn’t need to hunt or gather anymore. Therefore, the women’s role in society became where they stayed home, did chores, and took care of the children. When I thought about this, I thought that in the Neolithic era they first started settling down, figuring out how to make things easier. So, I think men and women at this time period were not equal because men still got to hunt and farm and viewed as higher up because of that. The women were some what forced to stay home and take care of the children. It...
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