Topics: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Rococo Pages: 4 (1872 words) Published: August 1, 2014
Art History Essay Semester 2
In the late 18th century Neoclassicism was a long and powerful movement. This movement came about for a few reasons. One of them is a response to the Rococo style which was based on the aristocratic and privileged and was the main style during the early 18th century. The French Revolution led to the execution of the French monarchy. As a result a new kind of art style came about – the Neoclassicism style. This was more simple, basic and more striking than Rococo; it was no longer frivolous and luxurious. It was a return to more simple art. Its goal was not to go over the top like rococo did. Another factor was the discovery of the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii. Neoclassic paintings contained clean lines and portrayed brave figures of Ancient Greece and Rome. They were inspired by the work of Homer and Plutarch and John Flaxman’s artworks for the odyssey and Iliad, a Greek classic poem credited to Homer describing the siege of Troy. Neoclassic art was seen as intelligent and more controlled than Rococo that was too decorative and simply over the top. Neoclassicism paintings often had a meaning to them or a message. Solid figures were put in organized spaces to create the artwork. The neoclassicism artist thought that it was important to portray the items they needed of the traditional theme with a focus on ancient ideas and objects painted in a faithful manner. Neoclassical artists combined classical styles and subjects, as well as pillars, pediments, decorations, and other attractive schemes in their work. The features were more striking, for example, Chiaroscuro made use in the neoclassic age of the art, a method that played helped with the intense contrast between light and dark colours, and this usually delivered logic of drama to the artwork. Neoclassical art had “serious lined designs and subject matters in study of the past, by looking at their material remains settings, with people clothed in classical costume.” Many artists...
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