Topics: Measurement, Test method, Metrology Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: March 16, 2013
POWERFUL DRIVE TEST TOOL FOR MEASURING AND MONITORING WIRELESS NETWORKS Nemo Outdoor has an established posi on both as a pioneer and leader in drive test measurement solu ons. Nemo Outdoor comes with an incomparable support for over 270 test terminals and scanning receivers, offering a broad range of tes ng op ons and support for all the newest technologies at any given me. Nemo Outdoor forms a centralized solu on for extensive network measurement, troubleshoo ng and op miza on. Its costeffec veness is materialized in its single pla orm and modu modularity which enables the user to tailor the product according to their pr par cular needs.

Nemo Outdoor is highly suitable for targeted network problems, and simultaneously poses the possibility to be expanded to cover extensive and powerful measurements from drive tes ng to benchmarking and QoS measurements, developing with the market to cover all the established and emerging phases of the network life cycle. All of this is possible on a single laptop-based so ware pla orm.

Op mize your measurement process through centraliza on and ease of use Nemo Outdoor enables mul ple simultaneous data transfers with one device. In addi on, the patented mul data func onality empowers users to connect up to six terminals to one laptop with the Nemo Walker and Nemo Mul Lite op ons. Nemo Walker is a backpack-based portable mul -measurement solu on consis ng of a light-weight backpack for carrying, powering, and connec ng measurement devices. Nemo Mul Lite is based on a high-quality ruggedized case and a built-in ba ery pack. Coupled with Nemo Outdoor and test devices from several vendors, Nemo Walker and Nemo Mul Lite are tailored to fit all our customers’ needs indoors and outdoors. In addi on to drive test and benchmarking measurements, the Nemo Outdoor pla orm is expandable to support voice and video quality measurements. Nemo Outdoor also offers tools for various...
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