Nelson Mandela Inaugural Speech

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Have you ever visited a certain place and was expecting one thing but got another? Taking trips to other countries could be very fun. Meeting new people, eating different foods, and experiencing new cultural is exciting to me. My trip to Honduras was a real eye-opening experience. My fiancé and I arrived at Midway airport at 9:45a.m. As we pulled into the enormous almost full parking garage, we knew it was going to be hard to find a parking place. We rode around for almost ten minutes looking; At last we found one. We got out of the car and pulled our huge over stuffed luggage out of the trunk. Following the bright green signs that pointed towards the entrance to the airport we found two long double doors to let us in. As I entered, I could see the mile long crooked lines of people waiting to check in. All I could do is think about making our flight on time. We stood in line over an hour waiting to check in; by this time my feet were throbbing. We received our boarding passes and headed towards the plane. When we arrived at the gate, I noticed a cluster of people standing by the boarding door; they were already boarding. I gave the gate agent our boarding passes and entered the long narrow jetway that led us to our plane. I can remember to this day sitting in the small tight blue seat next to the tiny window. After everyone was seated, we were told to buckle our seatbelts and prepare for take-off. Finally we were on our way

As we arrived in Miami Florida, I could see the lime green palm trees flowing in the air with the pretty blue clear sky as its background. As Joel was struggling to grab our huge bags, I went to stand in the never-ending taxicab line. When we arrived at the boating port I saw numerous of gigantic oversized ships. We walked up to the check in point and checked in and got our keys. Entering the ship I could see the elegant bright light fixtures lighting up the hallways. I could smell the aroma of a gourmet lunch buffet cooking. We...
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