Nelson Mandela Biography

Topics: Nelson Mandela, South Africa, African National Congress Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: February 27, 2014

1) Why did you choose the historical person you choose to read a biography about?

I choose Nelson Mandela because I found out about his recent death and was introduced more deeply into his life. Seeing commercials and trailers from his upcoming movie on his life really interested me. CNN had also been airing many specials about his life and I caught a few minutes of one and was hooked on his story. This all brought me in to want to thoroughly study his personal and public life.

2) What did you know prior about the historical person you decided to read a biography about?

Before reading the biography I knew very little about his life. I knew he was an African freedom fighter and that he was the president of South Africa. I knew he led anti-apartheid strikes. I also had the vague idea that he was involved in the communist party and he had gone to jail, but I never really put much thought into it. I knew nothing at all about his personal life or what he had done to the people of South Africa and the suffering he went through. 3) What did you learn from reading the biography about the historical person you choose that you didn’t know prior to reading about that historical person? What fascinated you about the historical you choose to read about through a biography? I learned a vast amount of information on President Nelson Mandela that I will never forget. Firstly I learned that Mandela’s story actually starts before he was born. Around the 1830s Dutch Boers living in southern Africa were being ruled by Britain. Most apposed their rule and after abolishing slavery they left the country and immigrated north, known as the Great Trek. During this time industrialization was occurring and the Boers had discovered many diamond and gold mines. Here whites would hire black workers for low wages, and hard labor. This was just the beginning of white oppression. Blacks were soon segregated in daily life from the whites. Police officers and other...
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