Nelson Mandela

Topics: Nelson Mandela, South Africa, African National Congress Pages: 4 (1593 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Nelson Mandela-Biography
Background of his life
Nelson Mandela was a tall and, for his young age, an impressive character. He was born into a South Africa very different from the time now. The whites were in control and they were living happy, prosperous lives while the black community in the same country was poor, miserable and full of violence. Mandela was one of the very few black people that managed to escape the life of poverty and be born in an educated and privileged family. However Mandela did not want to be a chief like his father, he did not want to return to his old university, he had even left his wife that his guardian had found for him. He wanted to be part of a new South Africa. Little did he know that in 26 years’ time Nelson Mandela would reach the top job of president in a new, multiracial South Africa. 1943-First steps in the struggle against Apartheid

Nelson Mandela was a bright student and came across a certain Walter Sisulu who gave him a job as a lawyer’s clerk. Here he was then joined by his friend Oliver Tambo who wanted to become a priest. When Mandela opened the first ever all-black law firm in 1952, Tambo joined him. The three became good friends and spent most of their time talking about equal rights in their country and how black people could obtain them. Mandela was a young lively character who was into boxing for keeping fit. Dynamic, young Anton Lembede soon joined them and he believed that the blacks did not need the Indians’ or the whites’ help to obtain this equality in their country. Sisulu was a member of the ANC (African National Congress) but Lembede dislike this organization as he believed that they it was too weak against this white supremacy. However all of them joined and decided to create the Youth League as they thought that the current members were not active enough. The Youth League Had three main aims. They refused to join with the Indian National Congress as they thought that Indians were...
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