Nelson Mandela’s Use of Rhetorical Devices Speech Response

Topics: Rhetoric, Gesture, Rhetorical techniques Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: April 14, 2013

Nelson Mandela’s use of Rhetorical Devices Speech Response Carlos Eduardo S. Moliterno
Emerson College

In my speech about Nelson Mandela’s speech, “Apartheid has no Future” I talk about Mandela’s rhetorical situation and devices he uses to captivate his audience. The thesis of my speech stated: Mandela uses primarily the channels of logos (logic) and pathos (emotion) to captivate his audience and deliver a powerful, organized and inspiring speech. When analyzing my speech, I felt that I was clear when stating my thesis, and I did not deviate from topic.

After viewing my speech online I noticed I was able to gain attention of my audience by using a careful diction. I believe my biggest strength was in my delivery. I used vocal variety, articulated my words clearly with only some minor stuttering, and always kept eye contact with my audience. My speech was well organized making it understandable and clear for my viewers. My hand gestures also contributed to my speech making my words more expressive and deliberate.

The biggest challenge in preparing my speech was organization. I struggled a little bit in organizing my speech in a way that would be easy for the class easily understand how Mandela’s rhetorical devices were used and in what way he used them. The hard part was deciding what to talk about first – if I should chronologically analyze his speech or should I analyze his speech depending on the rhetorical device he used. The guidebook helped me a lot; since I could follow the way the example was structured and apply it to my speech. After reviewing my speech I found that I succeeded in making an organized speech even though it was a challenge. However, sometimes I was concerned if the arrangement of my arguments were going to be coherent – with that concern in mind I repeated myself a lot worrying the audience would not understand my point. Now that I noticed this mistake, I can improve by showing my speech to a friend before hand to see if he...
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