Neil Flambe Book Review

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Book review
Book: Neil flambé and the Aztec abduction

The book Neil flambé and the Aztec abduction is just an amazing book. It is a combination of romance, adventure, mystery, and even some history creating a sweet twist like no other book. It was written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester, who was born, raised and still lives in Canada today. The book is marketed young reads for children/teens age 10 and up, but its so good I recommend it to everyone, especially family’s that love to eat and cook, since this book is very intertwined with cooking.

The book is told in third person, so no one knows who’s perspective it is. The book is about Neil, a famous teenage chef. He was invited to attend a famous duel between other chefs when his girlfriend Isabella got kidnapped. Everyday he found a mysterious note signed X.T, the note said that if he wanted to see Isabella again, he would have to loose in the final round of the tournament. Neil was determined to save his friend and win at the tournament. Therefore he called his friends Angel and police officer Nakamura to help him look for her. While Isabella was kidnapped, she noticed the kidnappers would cut off some of her hair and send it to Neil, so when she was allowed to choose what she ate, she rubbed the food in her hair to give them a clue of where she was.

Kevin Sylvester develops an intertwining story of a group who are re-enacting the ancient Mexican flower wars in a plan to take over Mexico. He packs his knowledge about Mexico City, its mythology and history into Neil Flambé and the Aztec Abduction. Sometimes, it becomes too overwhelming and brings down the story, like a tourist cramming in as much information as possible during a short vacation. Sylvester's wonderful storytelling hits its stride in the descriptions at the cook-offs and during a spectacular final chase through the underground caves. Sylvester also did a very good job at adding suspense to every single part of the story,...
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