Neighborhood News

Topics: Health care, Influenza, Health Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Neighborhood News

Community health affects everyone and when the population is undereducated, problems can arise. The writer will discuss two community or public health articles related to the Neighborhood News and propose possible ways the health community can help in health preventative maintenance and education of the population. Critical Capacities

According to the article “ED sees critical capacities”, Dr. Gordon suggests “that people need to be educated on particular symptoms because most of the time injuries or sickness can be treated at home”. One way the healthcare community can assist in the education of the indigent and low income patients is by initially tracking the common chief complaints of patients in the ER. By doing so, a consensus can be made as to what education the population is needing. If patients are coming into the ER for the common cold, then we educate on what causes it and treatments the patient can do for themselves such as hand washing, rest, and liquids. If it is for a toothache, then we educate them on dental services available in the community. We also need to educate them on other means of receiving medical care, walk in clinics, after hours care and health fairs for preventative health measures. Critical capacities are not just limited to the neighborhood. The usage of media can help spread the word by utilizing public service announcement advertisements to educate the public about the strain it causes on the emergency room and the staff. Flu Deaths

Every flu season, the public is educated on the importance of receiving the flu vaccine, yet year after year many die from the flu. As a health care community, we need to ask ourselves if everything is being done to educate on the direness of the problem. We have continually educated on the importance of hand washing, yet physicians continue to not wash their hands. Hand sanitizers and sanitizing cloths can be seen in every public...
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